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Disposal These symbols identify packaging that is independently certified as either home or commercially compostable. Commercially compostable certified products will disintegrate within 84 days and biodegrade within 180 days in industrial composting conditions. Certified home compostable products will biodegrade within 365 days in home composting conditions. We list the certification standards and our unique certificate number. Product Materials We only use raw materials from responsibly managed plantations, including FSC® certified plantations, to ensure our forests…
The tree-free sushi trays are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Our BioCane range is certified home compostable.
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BioPlastic Bags enable the diversion of organic waste from landfill and are ideal for the collection of food scraps. Made using Ecopond, a starch-based bioplastic that is certified compostable to Australian standards AS4736 & AS5810. • Shelf life of up to 6 months • Biodegradable in a home compost  What is compostable and biodegradable plastic? Compostable plastics are capable of undergoing biological decomposition in a compost environment, the material breaks down to carbon dioxide, water,…
Biopak Biocane packaging (made from reclaimed sugarcane pulp, a rapidly renewable resource) has now been certified comercially AND home compostable and can be recycled in the paper recycling stream. The benefits of Biocane packaging: - Heat resistant - Sturdy - Large range of packgaing options - Microwave safe - Oven proof (up to 220*c for 20 minutes) - Refridgerator and freezer safe - Can handle a variety of hot/cold foods - Durable and lightweight - Great…
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